Wholesale: Common Terms and Definitions

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Once you’ve established your business and have been actively selling at fairs, markets and shows, you will really start reaping the rewards of your hard work! There are few things more satisfying than watching your business grow, and knowing that the success of it settles squarely on your shoulders. As your business grows, new opportunities will present themselves; the ability … Read More

Master Batching for Beginners

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Going from hobby to business is exciting, challenging and intimidating for some soapmakers. Time is split between formulating, implementing that formulation and finding ways to sell; not to mention regular day to day activities! One method of manufacturing that has saved many Handcrafters quite a bit of time is master batching.  Master Batching is the process of mixing a large batch … Read More

Let’s Make a Coffee Bar!

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If you’re like about 50% of the HSCG Staff, you need at least one cup of coffee per day to function!  Did you know that not only can you get a little energy boost from this miraculous bean water, but you can also use it in your soapmaking endeavors? It’s true! Let’s talk about taking you and your customer’s love … Read More

5 Ways To Be a Boss, and Maintain Your Well-Being

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Being an entrepreneur is a difficult, but rewarding path. When you own and run your own business, you have almost complete control over your schedule, and how your time is managed. Furthermore, many handcrafters have their working space right in their own home, which can make “going to work” more convenient. While you are working hard perfecting your recipes, narrowing … Read More

All About: Exfoliants

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Let’s face it; making beauty products is like a giant science experiment in your kitchen. (Well, unless you are already a pro and you have moved onto bigger and better things!)  One of my favorite parts of making beauty products is experimenting with different exfoliating ingredients.  There are literally so many different exfoliants to choose from you will never be … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Castile Soap

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Castile soap is arguably one of the most simultaneously simple and complicated soaps in existence! From debates on its origin, to arguments about what it should and should not contain, castile soap means something different to just about every soap maker. The Debatable History of Castile Soap  It is difficult to find a definitive answer as to where castile soap … Read More