Celebrating Earth Day: Show the Earth Some Love Today!

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Happy Earth Day!

The very first Earth Day took place in 1970 and was originally envisioned as a “teach-in” on college campuses; the date was chosen because it was a weekday that fell between Spring Break and Final Exams, which would maximize student participation.

The organizers of the teach-in realized that Earth Day had the potential to inspire all Americans, not just students. A national staff was formed to promote Earth Day events. The first Earth Day inspired 20 million Americans to rally in support of environmental conservation.

In 1990, Earth Day went global – 200 million people in 141 countries focused on environmental issues and bringing them to the forefront.

Now, Earth Day is observed by more than one billion people every year. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few quick ways you can be one of those people and make the Earth a cleaner, safer place!

See Litter? Pick it Up!

Empty discarded plastic bottle on a beach.

We really hope you’ll consider this one every day, but if you’re walking down the street today and you see a discarded bottle or can, pick it up and put it in a recycling bin! So often, we are “too busy” to do this, or feel like it’s “not my job”. You’re not wrong; you shouldn’t have to pick up after people who litter; but if you do, you’re helping to keep the Earth clean.

Support Local Businesses

Buying from a local business helps to lower your carbon footprint by cutting out emissions caused by shipping items. Instead of ordering something that has to be shipped from across the country or across the world, drive to a local business and pick it up.

This one pulls double duty: not only are you making a smaller carbon footprint, but you’re also supporting your community!

Take the HSCG’s Reduce Plastic Waste Pledge

Earth Day inspires people to do better when it comes to recycling. If you’re ready to make a commitment to changing your single-use plastic waste so that less plastic ends up in the environment, sign our Reduce Plastic Waste Pledge!

HSCG Reduce Plastic Waste logo. Multi-tone blue wave with Reduce Plastic Waste and Use Bar Soap.

Did you know that one plastic bottle can take as much as 450 years to decompose? That turns your $7 shampoo bottle into a big, long term issue for the Earth. By switching to bar shampoo and conditioner instead, you’re saving about 150 single use plastic bottles from landing in a trash heap somewhere. Plus, shampoo and conditioner bars made by hand are a major upgrade! Click here to sign the pledge.

Go Outside

How does this help the Earth? Because to save the Earth, you need to appreciate it.

Meme with dog sitting on couch: I don't always want to go outside, but when I do I want to come back inside a minute later.

Life is crazy busy, we get it; but try to spare five minutes to take a walk today and appreciate the Earth around you. No one wants to see litter all over their streets, their hiking trails, or their favorite beaches. Think about your favorite outdoor location; when you imagine it, is it covered in plastic bottles? We’re willing to bet it’s not!

Earth Day isn’t just about environmental change, it’s about environmental consciousness too. Take a few minutes today to be conscious of the Earth around you!

Plant Something

Meme with friendly gentleman gardener holding thyme that reads Well now, would you look at the thyme.

Not all of us have a green thumb…a few of us at HSCG headquarters definitely don’t. You don’t have to be a master gardener to plant a tree, or a flower, or a basic veggie garden; you just have to get outside and get your hands dirty!

Planting your own simple veggie garden not only gives you delicious, fresh vegetables if you manage to keep your plants alive, but it also cuts down on your carbon footprint since you aren’t relying on vegetables transported to a store. A win-win!

Be a Good Earthling EVERY Day

It’s cliche, but that’s because it’s true: Earth Day is EVERY DAY. We can’t be Earth-conscious on April 22nd, and throw an empty McDonald’s cup out the window of a moving car on April 23rd. Cutting down on your plastic waste, reducing your carbon footprint and recycling really aren’t as challenging or time consuming as you think; small, simple changes can make a big difference.

Image with two people hugging a round earth with the text Be a Good Earthling and the HSCG logo.

So, be a good Earthling and do something good for the planet; our neighbors aren’t very hospitable. Considering that Venus’ surface temperature is about 880°F, and Mars is commonly about -80°F, keeping the Earth stable seems like a pretty good idea!

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