Growing Your Business: 5 Ways to Connect With Your Customer

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Digital life is an incredible thing. With social media, Handcrafters are able to reach more customers than ever before. No matter whether you sell in person or online, one thing is very important: connecting with your customer. Take a look at five things you can do to connect with your customer and move those fabulous products!

Be genuine. Customers can tell when you are not being genuine. Take an interested approach to conversations with your customer; don’t make them feel like you are too busy, or that they are bothering you. Oftentimes, you’ll be approached or contacted by someone who is curious about the process. Although it can take awhile to explain, don’t miss the opportunity to educate a customer-remember that if your customer is educated and excited about your product, they’ll spread the word and bring you more business.

Be honest. Don’t claim that your product can do something it can’t. Claiming your product can treat a skin condition, reverse hair loss or take 10 years off your customer’s face will get you sales, but it will also mean a herd of angry, unsatisfied customers later…not to mention an uncomfortable call from the FDA.

Be punctual. If you are attending a farmers’ market or have a brick and mortar location, punctuality is very important. Your customers are expecting you and your products to be available during the advertised hours-make sure you don’t let them down. 

Being punctual makes you look competent and organized.

This also applies when it comes to shipping products; have a timeline and stick to it. If you tell your customer that you will ship within two days, don’t put it off for five. If you have a customer who has asked for a special order, give a realistic timeline of completion-they will appreciate your punctuality when you deliver.

Be helpful. There are many reasons why a customer seeks out bath and body products (we know at least 6 reasons why ). Sensitive skin is one of those reasons. You don’t want to make any medical claims, but the opportunity to help someone with an allergy find a great product that they can enjoy will help you build a loyal customer base; as long as you are willing to put in a little extra time to help.

Be the bigger person. We are all guilty of gossiping from time to time, but this type of cattiness has no place in a business setting. Your customers will not respect you if you consistently trash talk other Handcrafters; it will make them

Gossip is a slippery slope that will make it difficult for customers to trust you.

uncomfortable, and they will not come back. If a customer asks about a competitor, politely steer the conversation back to your obviously fabulous products in a neutral way that is not an attack. Sometimes it can be difficult to take the high road, but it is always worth it.

Customers want a positive, welcoming experience from start to finish. Take a few moments to connect with your customers, and you’ll reap the benefit of a loyal customer base for years to come.

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