6 Reasons Why You Should Use Handcrafted Soap

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Natural and sustainable living is becoming very popular these days. Everyone is becoming more mindful of what they consume, and how they consume it; why should body care be any different?

Handcrafted soap has been in existence since the early days of humanity. For thousands of years, humans have craved the pleasant feeling of a well made soap, and we have been perfecting the art of crafting it ever since.

There are many options for soap on the market, and although it may seem easier and more cost effective to just buy a bar of big-brand soap, let us change your mind with these six reasons why you should make the switch.

#1: You Can Pronounce the Ingredients

 Handmade soap is made by a jack of all trades; your neighborhood Handcrafter is a chemist, a perfumer, an artist, a botanist, and an entrepreneur. Handcrafters seek out the most natural and skin-loving ingredients to put in their bars, and it shows in the craftsmanship you purchase with each one. Typical soaps will contain common materials like olive, palm and coconut oils, as well as sodium hydroxide, water, fragrance and exfoliants such as lavender buds, coffee, or sea salt.

Don’t let the inclusion of sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) dissuade you; although the soapmaker must use lye in order to make the soap, it is not present in the final product, and you can be sure your Handcrafter has tested it to be on the safe side!

#2: Everyone Can Use It.

 Handcrafted soap is a very inclusive category of body care. Are you allergic to most fragrances? That’s alright, there are many Handcrafters who make unscented bars just for you! Do you have allergies to a specific oil or additive? No problem. A bar can most likely be made for you. Are you Vegan, and want to avoid using products that contain animal materials? Perfect! Many Handcrafters either make a Vegan product on purpose, or have a product in their line that is Vegan-friendly. If you have a soapmaker in your area, it is highly likely that they will be willing to work with you to accommodate your needs; after all, they are passionate about providing a superior shower experience for everyone.

#3: That Smell.

 Sure, mass produced soap smells good. But have you ever smelled handcrafted soap? It’s incredible! Warm and rich, bouncy and floral, deep and mysterious; Handcrafters are masters at crafting an olfactory experience that compliments the effects of their bars.

#4: Handcrafters Help the Environment

 Handmade soaps are less likely to contain a harmful or aggressive ingredient that could cause damage to the environment when it is washed down your drain. Due to the saponification process, the sodium hydroxide used in the initial formulation is not present,  and properly made soap will not do damage to you or anything it contacts once you wash it away.

Handcrafters are also more likely to use responsibly sourced products and materials. Natural, organic and fair trade are frequently used words in this industry, and Handcrafters are vigilant when it comes to the origin of their products. Know that your soap has been made with care and most importantly, consideration.

 #5:  Variety is the Spice of Soap

 Handcrafters are artists. They create swirling patterns, intricate designs and pleasing visuals, all with soap! Natural and synthetic colorants are a creative soaper’s best friend, and make a stunning final product (without dying your skin purple, pink and teal, of course). But, as any Handcrafter will tell you; even though the soap is gorgeous, don’t be afraid to use it!

#6: You Are Supporting Your Community

Handcrafters are your neighbors, your friends, your family. They are the backbone of your community, and their entrepreneurial spirit combined with the same passion of their fellow small business owners is so important to a thriving local economy. When you purchase anything, including a bar of soap, from a local small business you are encouraging a the dream of business freedom and community pride. Think of it as a personal investment in a strong, vibrant community!

Bonus Reason: Handcrafters

 Handcrafters spend their time formulating, attending educational events like the HSCG’s Annual Conference, and crafting products specifically intended to make you feel as wonderful as you look. What big brand bar of soap could possibly do that?

Are you ready to make the switch? Check out our Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Directory to find your new favorite product: https://www.soapguild.org/consumers/find-soap-cosmetics/search.php



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