2 Comments on “How to Know if You’re Being Scammed”

  1. Thanks so much for this post, Sara. It’s amazing how many different ways there are to scam but I think the one that members of our profession need to be most vigilant about are the ‘can you ship your products to my store in the Netherlands/Norway/Singapore? Do you accept a major credit card for payment?’ scams. These play on our hopes of increasing our business revenue and are easy to fall prey to. They seem innocent enough – they’re offering a major credit card – what could go wrong with that? Hopefully as more and more people get the word out about these scams, fewer will fall victim to them.

  2. I’ve been getting emails when I order something being delivered by UPS or FedEx (not sure which one) saying that there’s a problem with my shipment. It has an attachment that my computer advised me not to open. I asked the delivery person and he told me that they don’t contact people that way. So, sure it’s a scam. It’s always happened when I’m expecting a shipment, and the package arrives shortly after I receive the “notice”.

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