So, You’re Heading to Conference

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Heading to this year’s 17th Annual HSCG Conference in Tucson, Arizona? Have you started packing yet? We’ve covered the topic before, but we think it bears repeating. After all, if you’re going to the trouble of getting patted down by TSA for carrying on 10 pounds of national security-threatening soap, you shouldn’t have to suffer packing regrets once you get … Read More

A Million Little Pieces (of Soap)

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Have you ever found yourself cursing over unevenly cut soap samples? Ingenious soapmaker member Leanne Laboy has just the trick. Looking for a way to manage the different soap weights she needed to cut, inspiration struck her from the shelves of a kitchen store. Leanne found that a wire cutter used to shave off slices of butter “can cut straight … Read More

Tips for HSCG Conference Attendees

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If this year’s conference is your first, have no fear. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your first experience is a good one: Rest up prior to the conference. Trust us – you’ll thank us for this Sunday morning. We will keep your brain and body busy from sunup to sundown. You’ll want extra energy to enjoy … Read More

Member Spotlight: Shepherd’s Soap Sushi

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“‘I get so tired of looking at soap all day long,’ said no soapmaker ever” as the meme goes. Here at the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, we tend to agree. We recently spotted these sushi soaps out on the HSMG Facebook page and had to know how they came about. “These were for a young teen’s birthday party,” explains Deb Petersen … Read More