Member Spotlight: Simmons Natural Bodycare

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For Simmons Natural Bodycare, it all started with a classic soapmaking tome: Ann Bramson’s Soap – Making It, Enjoying It. Allergies and sensitivies to the fragrances and colors available commercially drove Dottie Simmons and her husband to make their own. It became gifts, then an easy addition to their craft fair table, eventually launching into a business. 32 years later, … Read More

Member Spotlight: Fish Princess Farm

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In shops spanning California’s central coastline, from Sausalito to Carmel, you’ll find soap and lotion from a company named Fish Princess Farm. Who on earth would name their company Fish Princess Farm? And how does a company with such a silly name have such beautiful packaging? We knew there was a story here and so, off we went to search … Read More

Member Spotlight: Spoon Handmade Soaps

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Many cosmetic handcrafters report falling in love with making soap after experiencing the skin-loving benefits of a handmade bar of soap. California-based Kiyoko Puyaoan, started her handmade journey and her company, spoon, after her handmade skin lotion had achieved what no other cosmetic or medicine had, clearing an eczema so bad it had earned her the childhood nickname “red panda”. … Read More

Member Spotlight: The Painted Soapery

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In search of a salve for her rosacea, Axia Renta-DeLuca’s desire for total control of her ingredients led her to cold processed soapmaking. “It was very empowering to take matters into my own hands and it was pretty amazing as this worked for me; I haven’t had any flare ups in years – and the bumps are also gone. I … Read More

Member Spotlight: Bejeweled Bubbles

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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Bejeweled Bubbles. Who doesn’t love a hidden treasure? This simple idea fueled Bejeweled Bubbles – a company handcrafting soaps with a little something extra inside. Owner Kristin Goodman explains, “About a year and a half ago, I was talking to my husband about how fun it would be to make soaps for kids with … Read More

Member Spotlight: Botanicals by the Sea

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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Botanicals by the Sea. Botanicals by the Sea has been a transformative experience for owner Sherry Molling, taking her from nearly losing her house to being able to support herself and her son. In business for three years, San Diego-based Botanicals by the Sea carries a full line of skincare and bath and body … Read More