Hot Process Soapmaking for Beginners

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If you’re anything like me, you had a few questions when you first got into the art of soap making. Top on your list was most likely, “what are cold and hot processes, and what’s the difference?” Today, we are going to explore hot process soap making and go through a simple step by step tutorial on how to make … Read More

How to Speak Soap: A Beginner’s Guide to Common Handcrafter Terms

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If you are just starting your soap or cosmetic making journey, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will provide the terms and definitions for common terms that you’ll come across while formulating and crafting your product. From legal terms to industry “slang”, this article will cover a wide variety of words you might encounter.   Let’s get started! … Read More

Member Spotlight: Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Co.

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Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company intends to infuse your daily rituals with fantasy, whimsy, and the esoteric. Sarah Frost, the one woman show behind Bubble and Flame Soap and Candle Company relates that her first soapmaking experience was in high school. “Some people paint, some people sing, some people write…I make soap.” Aside from focusing on cold process, … Read More

Member Spotlight: Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps

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An undying love and respect for handmade soap drove Stephanie Seagle, owner of Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps, into business. Stephanie relates, “I have always loved handmade soap. I started with melt and pour…read up on cold process soap making and just jumped right in.” In business for a year now, Fire and Ice Handmade Soaps joined the Guild six … Read More

Member Spotlight: Honestly Simple Soaps

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As any soapmaker will tell you, soapmaking is a slippery slope. Upon learning how to make soap, you discover that you have raw ingredients to make many, many other cosmetics. And then, of course, it seems like a waste to not put all those amazing oils to good use. Such is the story behind Honestly Simple Soaps. Owner Heather Albrecht … Read More

Member Spotlight: Neecy’s Necessities

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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Neecy’s Necessities. Neecy’s Necessities tag line, “Bliss made beautifully simple” is evident after strolling through the online store. In the shop, you’ll find bar soaps, shaving soaps, balms, body butters, lotions, hair conditioner, hand & body wash, wax tarts, gifts, and even beautiful purses to stash it all in. Owner Denise Gunter has been … Read More

Members With Benefits

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Hold the phones – did you catch our benefit announcements for US HSCG members last month? In case your spring passed in a flurry of activity (not the least of which may have been the 16th Annual Conference in Raleigh!), let us refresh your memory on the latest and greatest benefits for members: If you ship oodles and oodles, you … Read More

Celebrate Global Handwashing Day!

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Sure, you make soap, but do you ever stop and think about what a fundamentally life-saving device you’re producing?  Next Monday, October 15, marks the 5th annual Global Handwashing Day.  In celebration, we thought we’d share a few facts illustrating the power of a simple bar of soap. BAC graphic courtesy of NSF Scrub Club A staggering 6.9 million children … Read More

Member Spotlight: Alabu Skin Care

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Recently, we caught up with Alabu Skin Care founder Maryclaire Mayes.  Alabu, a soapmaking and natural products company based in Mechanicville, NY, has been an HSMG member since 2001. Says Maryclaire, “I wanted to be part of a professional group that supported handcrafted soapmakers”. Making soap fits so well into Maryclaire’s lifestyle that it’s hard to believe it took a … Read More