Member Spotlight: Erica Pence, The Bonnie Bath Co.

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Erica discovered soapmaking in a roundabout way. After teaching and being a librarian for a number of years, she had a dream – to have an educational sheep farm, open to the public. After considerable thought, she decided to work toward her goal by putting into play some projects planned for the farm. One was a small gift shop with … Read More

Member Spotlight: Soapylove, Debbie Chialtas

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Debbie Chialtas admits it, “I’m a glycerin soap addict.” It’s all she wants to do – make “melt and pour” soap in every way possible! For over 4 years since being pregnant with her first child, she never imagined that she would leave a corporate job in fashion design and make soapmaking become an actual career. She states, “It’s the … Read More

Member Spotlight: Bonnie Bartley, Allegheny Hearth

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Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith, The Allegheny Hearth, conducted a year long experiment using the additives recommended by HSMG Conference Speaker, Dr. Kevin Dunn, Caveman chemistry, for the prevention of DOS. Here are Bonnie’s results: One year ago, July 2008, I began an unscientific test using Dr. Dunn’s recommended additives for the prevention of DOS. On the same day, using the same … Read More

Member Spotlight: Jim Gregory, Grandma Gee’s Soap

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Jim started making soap his sophomore year in college shortly after his great grandmother fell ill. Up to then, Jim was looking to start a small business. Interested in alternative energy to make a positive impact on the world, Jim’s motto is to leave this planet in a little better shape than when entered. Investigating bio-diesel, Jim discovered soap. With … Read More

Member Spotlight: herbaria

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“Our soap making business began when I tried to find a mild natural soap that would moisturize my skin rather than dry it out,” said LaRee DeFreece. I was looking for a soap made with one hundred percent natural plant-based ingredients and enriched with emollients.” In late 2000, she decided to make her own soap. “That first recipe resulted in … Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Chamomile Cottage

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Donna Pixton-Hacker became interested in soapmaking for her infant son’s sensitive skin. Familiar with plant remedies and essential oils, she tried a recipe for soap featured by Sandy Maine of SunFeather Natural Soap Co. Finding the soap gentle enough for her son, she told everyone about this natural herbal soap. Once they tried this amazing soap they asked for more … Read More

Member Spotlight: Abbey’s Handcrafted Soaps

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Soapmaking with a Cause – A Passionate Soapmaker’s Story We are all familiar with the New Orleans flood but Kay Rose and her daughter, Abbey, have taken it personally. Still rebuilding and tearing down many homes, Abbey’s mission group was there right after Katrina hit. Experience came from their mission team helping build houses in Appalachia and Pedros Negros, Mexico … Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Goddess Blends

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A Canadian member, Betty Jane Ware is an herbalist, soapmaker, and owner of Goddess Blends. Starting with melt and pour, then on to find Hot Process, she has been making soap for a number of years. Her journey into soapmaking began from a rather different perspective than most of us: she is a practicing witch.  One of the things a … Read More