Soap Gallery Goes Big

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Pictures. Who doesn’t love checking out a great picture? We are *ahem* well acquainted with the dangers of the picture wonderland/time sinkhole known as Pinterest and we’d venture to guess you and your customers are big fans of pretty pictures as well. That’s why the HSCG has a Soap Gallery available for the public to browse your beautiful creations, but … Read More

The Answer is 72

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Wondering what the question is? We are working on 72 different policies to bring before the membership in our upcoming Annual Meeting, being held onsite during the 2014 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona (and open to every member, whether attending the conference or not). The last few years have been busy for the Guild. In 2011, we saw a pressing … Read More

Featuring You!

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It’s time to share the love. You may have noticed some of our recent member features on Facebook and Twitter. We want to feature you and your businesses in all of your awesome glory across all of our media outlets, including this blog. To that end, we’re proud to announce a brand new member spotlight feature to showcase you and … Read More

Member Card Comeback

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Do you remember what happened when you used to renew your Guild membership? Perhaps you recall opening your mailbox to find that shiny folder of information with a membership card tucked very officiously in the front pocket waiting for you inside? Birds were chirping, your soap always behaved….okay, perhaps we embellish. Those rose-tinted glasses are addictive. If you joined in … Read More

Hot Off the Press: New Brochures!

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If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, it’s time to break out you may not have heard of our ‘Why Handcrafted Soap?’ brochure. These wildly popular brochures explain just why consumers want to spoil themselves rotten with a bar of handcrafted soap. When HSMG members voted to welcome cosmetic makers with open arms and … Read More

Meet Lani

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We have a new face at headquarters. Meet Lani, our newest addition to the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild team. When you call headquarters, expect to hear Lani on the other end. Joining us in late August, Lani is settling in quickly and helping us serve more members than ever before. We are very excited to add an Executive Assistant … Read More

Can I get a little REQUEST?

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Have you ever wondered if a soapmaker could create a soap just for you? Maybe you wanted a Pennsylvania-based soapmaker who would make Philadelphia bells for you. Maybe you had a novel ingredient you wanted to incorporate in a lip balm. Or you needed 300 heart-shaped soaps for a party. Or peppermint lotion wholesale to Iceland. Perhaps you’re a soapmaker … Read More

Powerful Provisions Purchasing

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You are busy… and yet you need to buy more scotch tape, paper, envelopes or printer cartridges. With orders to fill, tweets to post, and product to package, who has time to run to the stock to re-stock the supply cabinet? No worries, you can order these products online and save 15-80%. We’re talking super deep discounts AND you can … Read More

Roll That Tape!

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If we didn’t have the pleasure of your attendance at this year’s conference and if you weren’t glued to your Facebook feed, you may have missed the news! (If you’re on a reader, click here.) Late last year, the HSCG was approached by PTV-In Focus Studios to create a short documentary about handcrafted soap and soapmaking for public television. We … Read More

Calling all Recruits

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As a non-profit trade association, the HSCG is run largely by volunteers and we have some awesome, hardworking volunteers! Several of our standing committees are looking for a few more volunteers to help bring our goals to fruition. Whether you have an hour a month or several hours a day, we’d be happy to put you to work. Read on … Read More