Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild Credit Card Processing Program

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HSMG Programs and Services Keeps it Coming!  Another NEW Member Benefit! Looking for a better merchant account solutions? We are pleased to announce that the HSMG is now offering a discounted merchant services program to the membership. This benefit is available to both Soapmaker and Vendor members.  There are low rates for credit card, debit card and check processing, no … Read More

Free Webstore at SoapGuildStores.com

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What? A fee free customizable web store at SoapGuildStores.com! Yes, it’s true!  A new fantastic member benefit! Taken advantage of your new member benefit yet?  All members are eligible for a free webstore at SoapGuildStores.com. The store may be used to actually sell products and take orders or as a brochure site directing visitors to your main eCommerce site. You … Read More

Business Focus: Why Write A Business Plan

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When you started selling your soap, did you start out with an idea that you would make handcrafted soap and immediately write your business plan?  Or were you like many small businesses; your hobby morphed into a business and you are just winging it? If you fall into the latter category, it’s never too late to write a business plan. … Read More

National Shrinkwrap Introduces Biolefin Biodegradable Polyolefin

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Protecting Your Product, Your Customers, Your World National Shrinkwrap bring to you, Biolefin is an Oxo-biodegradable plastic. It’s a Big World, National Shrinkwrap Will Help You Shrink It! The Easiest Way to shrink wrap Soap, Candles, Baskets, CD’s, DVD’s, Artwork, Cookies and much, much more… Biolefin is formulated to be totally degradable in the environment. At the end of its … Read More

Retail and E-Commerce Sales UP in January

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The Department of Commerce recently released the January sales figures and reported that retail sales were up 1.1%.  Also reporting for January was comScore, which reports E-Commerce statistics, who that online sales grew 2% in January.  These are the first monthly increases in 6 months – despite dire predictions of lowered sales because of economic woes. comScore did state that … Read More