Candles: A Beginner’s Guide to Waxes

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 Autumn is upon us and soon,  summer nights will give way to cool, crisp evenings. If you’re anything like us, you pull out the cozy blanket and most likely light a few candles; there’s nothing like a warm, comforting light to take the chill out of the air! Candle making is a great way to expand your soap and/or cosmetic line … Read More

Meet the HSCG Board!

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The time has come again to welcome new and returning HSCG Board Members for another year. We’re fortunate at the HSCG to have a board filled with incredibly knowledgable soap and cosmetic makers with business and formulation experience that spans a variety of different topics. To get you better acquainted with the board, we asked them a few questions about … Read More

Vegan, Fair Trade & Organic: Learning the Terminology

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Now more than ever, consumers are concerned with what they’re putting in and on their bodies. Consumers are beginning to pay attention to where their products are made, whether or not their products are sustainable, and if they recognize and can pronounce the names of the ingredients the products contain. For the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry, this is great! … Read More

7 Candle Facts to Light Your Fire

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Ah, wintertime. Here in Upstate New York, the weather change is marked by the sound of studded snow tires, the feel of fluffy jackets, and the smell of spices. One thing that we can agree keeps us cozy all year long is the benevolent glow of a well-made candle…but do you know the history behind this old flame? There is … Read More

The History of Cosmetics: Makeup Edition

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As a Handcrafter, you are taking part in an industry that has a long and storied history. Products produced by hand throughout the centuries for royalty and common people alike speckle the timeline of handcrafted cosmetics. In this article, we’ll discuss the history behind cosmetics that are applied to the face and hands. Nail polish, eye makeup, lipsticks-all of these … Read More

How-To: Foot Scrubs

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While we all dream of having magic slippers that we can click together to bring us to our favorite beach destination, walking the beach in bare feet to exfoliate them is just not always an option! Luckily, making your own foot and hand scrub is simple, and there are many options for customization. Different Types of Exfoliants  Before you begin … Read More

The Shelf Life of Oils

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Let’s talk about shelf life! When formulating your product, understanding the shelf life of the oils you are using is an important step in ensuring quality and longevity for your customers. If you’re anything like me, I don’t usually need to worry about the expiration of my cooking oils because I seem to go through them very quickly; that is, … Read More

How-To: Lip Balm

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Lip balms are a quick and easy to make beauty product that can be the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to your product line.  Besides knowing you made this simple yet silky masterpiece, the best part is how completely inexpensive it actually is to make lip balm. The first two things you will need to do are: choose your ingredients … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Products

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The world is an ever-changing place, with ever-changing needs and constantly evolving beliefs. You may have noticed that vegan practices and products have enjoyed a boost in popularity; but do you know what constitutes a vegan product? A Vegan Story  Veganism is defined by the Vegan Society as a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude-as far as … Read More

All About the 2017 Speaker Lineup

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The 2017 Annual Conference is a little over 6 months away, and at the HSCG Headquarters here in Saratoga Springs, New York, planning is in full swing. One of the most exciting facets of the Annual Conference is the wide variety of industry experts that join us each year to talk about technique, formulation and growing your business. We’ve announced … Read More