Why Handcrafted Soap Contributor Feature: Meet Sandy Palisch!

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Last year, we redesigned our popular Why Handcrafted Soap Brochure to reflect our new branding! During the rebranding process, we gave our members an opportunity to submit images of their soap to be featured in the brochure; and Sandy answered the call!

In this interview, we’ll chat with Sandy Palisch, creator of the soothing array of soaps on the inside of the brochure (pictured below).

Look at these calming colors!

A former fighter jet designer, Sandy is the mother of 3 amazing young men who continue to inspire her to grow the business. With their help, they juggle everything from production and mixology to marketing and sales!

Sandy’s studies include a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business as well as in-depth soap making training, earning certifications in soap making, GMP, Marketing, Retail & Wholesale. All Sandy’s boys (hubby included) have engineering degrees as well! “We bring tons of scientific experience to the table but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” When she is not making soap, you can find Sandy serving her community on the Cultural Arts Commission for the City of Richardson, playing tennis or traveling the world to taste amazing win (she always brings her own soap during her travels!)

“In 2013, I fell in love with organic soap while vacationing in Breckinridge, Colorado.” After her stash of souvenirs ran out, Sandy decided to take matters into her own hands and engineer her own products! “I started researching how it was made and was just fascinated by the chemistry of it all. It really lit up my scientist brain, so I decided to use my skills to harness all the goodness of essential oils and organic plant-based ingredients to make Simply Organic Soap for everyone!”

A few of Sandy’s gorgeous products!

Becoming an HSCG Member & Becoming Certified

Sandy heard about the HSCG in the same way many of our members did – from another member. “I heard about the HSCG from a soap maker who had a booth at a local market and was displaying the HSCG signage!”

Sandy’s decision to participate in the Certification Program had a lot to do with her background as an engineer. “I have an Engineering degree and believe that getting Certified is crucial to promoting my products. I want my customers to feel confident that our products are both safe and effective for their skin and for the planet.”

Other Projects, Inspiration, and Goals for the Future

Sandy’s love for handcrafted products doesn’t end with soap, she also makes lotion bars, bath salts, bath bombs and candles, along with gift sets and custom orders.

When asked what inspires her, Sandy tells us that the consumers are they key to her inspiration. “My customers inspire me every day! I love hearing how much they love our soaps and bath products and how they just feel so much better using an organic product that makes their skin feel amazing, and is safe for the planet.”

As for her future goals, Sandy is determined to change the world one bar of soap at a time. “I believe that when we start the day feeling great, we show up as the best version of ourself to people around us and we start a ripple effect of making a positive difference in the world that is contagious!” This is so true; thoughtfully created handcrafted products can definitely have an uplifting impact because of their skillfully chosen scents, unique design, and positive effect on the community.

A cheerful creation by Sandy; look at those swirls!

On Time Travel & Historical Walks

We asked our participants to answer a few fun questions for us, and one questions about time travel; if Sandy could go back in time, what advice would she give to herself?

“If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to ditch any self-doubt about the feasibility of this business and start sooner! Stay true to the Simply Organic Soap vision of using only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils and don’t worry about others who are selling a less expensive product. And have fun!!”

We also asked which historical figure she’d choose to go for a stroll with; her choice? “Mary Kay Ash – I have been an admirer of Mary Kay Ash and her ability to create an international product-base business from meager beginnings as well as create the culture of positivity everyone associated with her business. I would want to know what she was thinking as she was investing her lifesavings into the creation of her business and how she was able to grow her corporate production facilities and sales team so successfully.”

This soap even LOOKS like it smells amazing.

A huge thank you to Sandy and all of our other amazing contributors who have helped us create a helpful, educational resource for our members! You can click here to learn more about Sandy and her business, Simply Organic Soap, and you can click right here to purchase your own Why Handcrafted Soap brochures!

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