Why Handcrafted Soap Contributor Feature: Meet Alexis Abruscato!

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Have you seen our newly redesigned Why Handcrafted Soap brochure yet? It’s full of great info for consumers and beautiful product photos from a few of our members!

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring the makers behind the photos here on Cut to the Trace; we’re so grateful that they’ve shared their incredible products with us!

Today, we’ll hear from Alexis Abruscato, the creator of the whimsical sailboat soaps pictured in the brochure and owner of Bright Day Bath and Body!

Alexis Abruscato hails from Aberdeen, Washington; she tell us that her hometown is “a small coastal community rich with history, grit and spirit.” We can certainly see that coastal inspiration in her creative soaps!

When asked why she started to make soap, Alexis says “for as long as I can remember, my favorite thing to buy whenever I go to a craft show, gift show or to a gift shop is handcrafted soap. It truly brightens my day to simply use an exciting bar of soap and inject a little joy into a part of my daily routine that can be dull or unmemorable.” Alexis shared with us that her family gifted her a melt and pour soap kit for Christmas in 2017, and she made the whole kit Christmas Day – and was hooked! “By March 2018, I had decided to start a business selling my products and helping others have a Bright Day with handcrafted body care products.” she says.

Becoming an HSCG Member & Becoming Certified

We had a few basic requirements that contributors needed to follow; in order to be considered, makers would need to be current Members of the HSCG and Certified at the Basic level, at minimum. Alexis fit this criteria, and we asked her how she heard about us, and what inspired her to become Certified.

Look at these vibrant creations by Alexis!

“As soon as I decided to go into business in 2018 and build towards making this my career, I knew I needed to be a part of a professional trade organization,” she says, “and it doesn’t get any more professional for this industry than HSCG.” On Certification, she says that “earning certifications from HSCG is important to me, because I feel that it lends credibility to my brand and helps my customers feel confident in using my products. It also shows that I take my business seriously and am here to become a professional in this industry. I proudly display my HSCG Member sticker and HSCG Certified Maker sticker at my booth during every market and on the About page on my website.” Alexis isn’t done yet either; she tells us, “I have plans to continue earning more certifications in the near future.”

Other Projects, Inspiration, and Goals for the Future

So many of our talented makers create more than soap, and Alexis is no exception; she tells us that in addition to her beautiful soaps, she makes scrubs, body butters, lip balms, soaking salts, body oils and is a serial hobbyist. “Outside of my business, I’m a serial hobbyist who dabbles in a bit of everything – I have a sewing machine, a Cricut, art supplies, a camera, etc that I like to get creative with in various ways just for fun.”

Alexis finds her inspiration from other makers to help fuel her business creativity. “I’m constantly inspired by fellow small business owners who create opportunities for themselves and find exciting ways to make their business thrive and overcome challenges.” Personally, Alexis tells us that she’s inspired by those closest to her; “my family and close friends are truly amazing people who inspire me to constantly improve and become a better version of myself.”

Alexis in action! Face time with your customers is so valuable.

As for her future goals, Alexis wants to make the move into a career maker. “My goal for myself and my company is to make this my career and to primarily serve my local community with quality, artisan-made body care products. My business is online and I happily welcome customers from across the United States, but my passion is to become a staple small business in my local community along the Washington coast and keep a work-life balance that makes sense for my family.” With her unique products and sense of design, we know Alexis will achieve those goals!

Flying Away (Until Next Time)

Finally, we asked Alexis what animal she’d choose to be, if she could choose anything (mythical or otherwise). Alexis told us that she’d choose flight. “I would absolutely love to be a bird, even if just for a day. I’m an amateur bird watcher/photographer and they live the most fascinating lives right here all around us.” She continues on to say that “the flying would, of course, be an amazing and freeing experience, but there would be a lot more I’d enjoy experiencing depending on what species of bird I get to be.” We definitely understand where you’re coming from Alexis!

Bright colors and bright packaging – these products check all the right boxes!

A huge thank you to Alexis and all of our other amazing contributors who have helped us to create a helpful, educational resource for our members! You can click here to learn more about Alexis and her business, Bright Day Bath and Body, and you can click right here to purchase your own Why Handcrafted Soap brochures!

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