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We’ve been shining a spotlight on our current Local Chapters this week – California, Great Lakes, New York, New England, New Jersey, and Kentucky – So. Ohio. All of these chapters are maintained through the hard work, dedication and collaboration of volunteer board members and HSCG Headquarters staff. Although the current chapters operate separately of each other, they all work towards a common goal: to encourage and nourish the relationships of community makers.

If you’re located in any of these areas and aren’t a Local Chapter member yet (and are a current HSCG Member), you can shoot our Member Services Assistant, Kristine, an email at, or call our office Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST at 866-900-7627. She can set you up in the chapter of your choice so you can be a part of that local magic!

What if there isn’t a Local Chapter in your area?

If you have a passion for connecting with fellow makers and want to bring awareness of our industry to your community, starting a Local Chapter may be a great way to do both!

What does it take?

Starting and maintaining an HSCG Local Chapter does take time and dedication. One of the major requirements for starting a chapter is that you must be an HSCG Member at the Retired or Professional Membership level for at least one year. If you haven’t quite hit that one year mark, we encourage you to reach out to us again when you do, or reach out to other HSCG Members nearby to see if they would be willing to start a chapter.

But let’s talk about the big thing: time. Time is a valuable commodity for an entrepreneur, and you only have so much. Although Local Chapters are certainly not a full-time job, starting and maintaining a chapter does take commitment. As a Local Chapter founder and/or leader, you’ll be in frequent contact with Kristine here in the office; she’ll help you set up the chapter and give you resources for your success. Essentially, your chapter is only going to be successful with time and effort.

Speaking of commitment, chapters are a big commitment for the HSCG too. The HSCG pays for Local Chapters to function, so in short, we ask that you only apply to start a Local Chapter if you are very committed and serious about taking the time to make it work.

How to be a good Local Chapter member.

By joining an HSCG Local Chapter, you’re already supporting it – but there’s more work to be done. Although the Local Chapter board members and HSCG staff do a lot of the heavy lifting, the success of the chapter also depends on member participation.

If you’ve joined a chapter and can make to gatherings, show up to any and every one that you can! If you’re friends with fellow makers who aren’t HSCG Members, bring them along to a gathering so they can experience the benefit of talking to other makers in person. If you’re an expert swirler, a social media superstar or have another skill that would benefit your fellow makers and you would like to share, you could even offer to be a speaker at a gathering to share your knowledge. Being involved with your chapter is absolutely the best way to support it!

Final Thoughts

As a maker, entrepreneur, marketing specialist and possible mad scientist, you have a lot going on – because of the nature of our industry, that doesn’t always mean you’re readily surrounded by people who understand your passion. Becoming involved with the HSCG Local Chapter Program is a good way to grow your network and gain valuable insights to help you grow as a maker.

To learn more about the HSCG Local Chapter, click here or email our Member Services Assistant at

A big “thank you” to all of the wonderful Local Chapter leaders for donating their time and expertise!

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