Why I Love Instagram for You!

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Instagram Love

Why I Love Instagram for You!

I’ve tried my hand at all the social media options that are out there and it’s safe to say I am in love with Instagram. Being a visual person and short on attention span lends the photo-based platform to fit me perfectly, but I am here to tell you why I think it’s perfect for you too!

Handmade soaps and cosmetics is something that appeals to a large and ever growing audience concerned with environmental impact, responsible sourcing and little to no chemical intervention. The creation process is also something that has visual appeal and is generally an interesting thing for people who don’t know what goes into the creation of handmade products.

You already know how cool your creation process is, so how does that translate to Instagram? Instagram allows you the opportunity to show your consumer base where the ingredients are coming from, who’s making them, and what actually goes into the final product! Allowing consumers to peek behind the curtain and meet the makers a bit is something people are interested in now, everyone is concerned about transparency and honesty and if you’re making something by hand people care!

Instagram followers don’t check your feed to make a purchase, so why are they there and how can you use that to your advantage?

  • Intrigue: If someone’s curiosity has been peaked by your product line they will check out your IG. You should have captivating product shots with descriptions similar to what would go on a label, but also describe the scent(if any) or what some of the ingredients are. (remember to not make any claims though)


  • Health: Perhaps someone has sensitive skin or is just sensitive to what they put or use on their bodies. Your IG account gives you the opportunity to illustrate your ingredients and discuss each one giving your consumers a better understanding of not only your products but what sets you apart from your mass produced counterparts.


  • All Access Pass: Your consumers are people you’re connecting with face-to-face at farmers markets and various vendor sites, so keep that relationship engaged on your most visual platform. Give them some of those behind the scenes looks at what makes you, you!

People are not on instagram to make a purchase but don’t let the opportunity of an impulse purchase slip through your shopping cart!! Your page should have a link in the description to your website or at least your online store to browse and buy!

Utilize hashtags unique to your industry and if you’re an HSCG member please always remember to use #HSCGMaker in your posts so that we can easily find them and share them with the community.

Get creative with your shots and post things relative to your business and watch your followers grow!!

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