Vendor Spotlight: Mad Oils, Inc.

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Howdy Tracers! 

It’s been decided that we’re going to start showcasing all of our lovely feature posts right here on Ye Olde Blogg so that we (and you) will be able to admire them for years to come! I know, we’re excited too.

We are even more excited to say that this week’s #HSCGVendorSpotlight goes toooo….(*drum roll*)


Mad Oils, Inc. in Riviera Beach, Florida!!

These ladies are truly superstars. They pride themselves on providing “crazy good” high-quality products AND unsurpassed customer service to soapmakers & cosmetic makers everywhere!

They offer fantastic content through their blog, and are also working on developing their snazzy new website where they’ll have tutorials, demo videos, and various bath & body recipes! Sounds like a good time, no?


They welcome you to share pics of your finished products by email or posting them on their Mad Oils Facebook page.  Always looking to improve, they also value receiving feedback from their customers (both good AND bad, so keep it constructive people) to let them know what worked and/or didn’t work for you.

We love them, do you? 

Are you a loyal Mad Oils groupie? What products of theirs do you use? Drop a comment and share the love!

Check out their lines of natural colorants, packaging, micas, essential oils, fragrance oils, clays, and a ton more on their website –

(All of the amazing background images were knowingly provided by Mad Oils from their FB page – go check ’em out!)

10 Comments on “Vendor Spotlight: Mad Oils, Inc.”

  1. I love Mad Oils, the people are awesome and helpful, shipping is always lightening fast and their fragrances and micas are to die for! *swoons*

  2. Jo and Karyn and the crew at Mad Oils are a class act!! Their fragrance oils are amazing, and among the my customers’ favorites!! I love all their Micas! Every one I have used has performed perfectly in my CP soap!

  3. Mad Oils is one of my favorite suppliers even though I don’t get to buy very often. I LOVE them and their products. I haven’t gotten a bad one yet. And the samples they send with each order (big or small) is truly a cut above. Joanna and crew are the BEST!

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