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Heading to this year’s 17th Annual HSCG Conference in Tucson, Arizona? Have you started packing yet? We’ve covered the topic before, but we think it bears repeating. After all, if you’re going to the trouble of getting patted down by TSA for carrying on 10 pounds of national security-threatening soap, you shouldn’t have to suffer packing regrets once you get to Tucson. You know all the normal gear to pack, but how about all those little extras? Don’t let these major packing regrets happen to you:


Forgetting to bring your laptop/ipad/other internet-accessing device with keyboard. How else will you take notes, get online, check in on your business, compete in the social media contest, and access all of this year’s presenter materials? We love paper like the best of ‘em, but you will want to make out with yourself if you remember to bring an electronic device. Truly. Check the attendee booklet for more information on the data we’re providing electronically this year.

Forgetting to bring chargers. Electronics are all well and good…until they die. You, too, will be kicking yourself if you bring the electronics without their requisite chargers. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you!

Forgetting to bring soap. Yes, this is a soap & cosmetic conference. Yes, the hotel will have *ahem* commercial soap (somebody hurry up and infiltrate all hotels, mmmkay?). Not only will you want premium soap to bathe with (unless you prefer to remind yourself why you make soap?), you’ll want extra to donate (can we donate a ton this year??) and possibly to gift other conference attendees (warn them before you start chucking soap – no #soapbombs, okay?).


Forgetting your meds. Whether it’s surprise PMS, killer headaches, or something that impedes your ability to move about the building and stay up all hours, forgetting the medications that allow you to maintain some semblance of humanity is an express train to a ruined day.

Forgetting extra money. The conference will attempt to stuff you with the meals and snacks that are included in your conference registration, but you will want some cash to pay for extra meals, those meds you forgot, your ride from the airport to the hotel, HSCG store orders, conference orders from vendors, raffle tickets and shipping that enormous thing you won in the raffle home, of course!

Forgetting to bring extra clothing. Yes, we are meeting in a desert. Yes, it will be a million degrees outside. However, you will be indoors most of the time and conference rooms are notorious for setting the thermostat to “stun” or “refrigerator” level cold. Bring yourself a jacket, pants, and closed shoes too and you’ll have the last laugh at hotel attempts to freeze you alive.


Forgetting networking goodies. Whether or not networking is a dirty word to you, it will happen at conference. You may meet a cosmetic or soapmaker you fall in love with and want to be your best friend forever. There will be tears and gnashing of teeth all around when you forget to bring business cards to exchange with them. Also, get ready to meet lots of soap-lebrities. Pro-tip: If you’re nice, they may just autograph your personal copies of their publications.

Forgetting certification exam supplies. Attempting to calculate lye quantities by hand without a calculator…yep, not a fun time. Even worse, not being able to scrounge up a pencil to do all that long division by hand. You’ve gone to all the trouble of signing up for a certification exam – don’t forget all the paperwork, required samples, and that most basic of supplies: calculator and pen or pencil.

This is certainly not everything you could forget, but it covers the highlights. Also, look to Kenna Cote’s (one of this year’s seminar teachers) excellent recent article on The Soap Bar blog for more ideas on what to pack and we hope to see you, well-prepared and regret-free in Tucson this May!

What have you kicked yourself for forgetting to pack?

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