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You’ve seen this before. Usually when you are searching for a store. Well, what about all the rabid fans of handcrafted soap? How are they supposed to get their fix? Where do they go to find handcrafted soap? Enter the (wait for it) Store Locator (yeah, baby, yeah).


This handy, dandy locator works just like you’d think a store locator would. A consumer can enter their zip code or address to find handcrafted soap available near them (or far away, for giggles). The results are pin pointed on a map. Each pin highlights which company is providing the soap, where the soap is available, and links right to the company’s online listing.

So, you have an online listing, have submitted pictures for the soap and cosmetic galleries, and know all about special requests. But ask yourself this – are you feeling lucky, punk are you on the map? If you vend anywhere other than online and you’re not on the map, kick yourself now, then take 2 minutes to rectify the situation, like so:

  1. From the Members menu, select Store Locator just under Online Listings.
  2. The first time you log in, you’ll see that you have no locations.
  3. Click Add a location.
  4. Enter your store address. In addition to the address, you can specify hours and start and end dates (perfect for when you have a pop-up shop or a seasonal market or a temporary show).

And that’s it. Pretty spiffy, eh? You can get the lay of the land in this quick 2-minute video (crank up the volume and paste your ear to the computer to hear the audio). Once your store location is in, you can revisit this screen to add more locations, change existing ones, and even delete ones that you may have entered errantly (who, me?).

And, finally, you’ll have one more way to get found. Just another little something-something for our professional members.

How do you make sure your business is found?

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