Member Spotlight: Mt. Lebanon Soap Company

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The birth of Christopher and Erin Csernica’s daughter was also the birth of their company, Mt. Lebanon Soap Company. The symmetry is perfectly fitting as proceeds from the company serve a very special purpose for Summer, born with genetic disorder trisomy 21. “We decided we wanted something to teach her, give her skills over the course of her life, with all of the proceeds going directly into her special needs trust.”


Owners Erin and Christopher are a unique team. Per Erin, “He makes the soap, well, be soap and I make it so you actually want to use it.” What started as wedding gifts quickly spiraled into a company.

Now in business a year and a half now, Mt. Lebanon Soap Company is growing into new venues and new spaces. Erin relates, “In our short time, we have already outgrown our space. We will this year be expanding our first floor to hold Mt. Lebanon Soap Company.” While you’ll find soap, lip balm, lotion bars and bath fizzies in the current product line-up, Mt. Lebanon Soap Company is developing and perfecting a liquid hand soap formula.


If you’re in the New Jersey area, you’ll find Mt. Lebanon Soap Company at the Hackettstown farmers market this summer. For those further afield, shop online and follow their Facebook page for sneak peeks, previews, input in the design process, and company updates. If you’re new to the company, every member of the family has a favorite to recommend: “My favorite,” Erin relates, “is our Mojito Soap, my husband would say our Tea Tree Soap, Summer has been known to try and eat our Almond Soap, and our littlest one our Baby Sensitive Soap.”


As a new member to the HSCG, Erin reports, “I’m slowly working my way through all the amazing benefits….thank you.” Thank you, Erin, for joining us and we can’t wait to see what you and your company achieves.

Thanks, Mt. Lebanon, for giving us a peek behind the curtain!

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