There’s a New Store in Town!

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Did you catch the news earlier this month? We are excited to announce a new discount, exclusively for members, on your very own website (yup, no more sharing your ecommerce site with someone else or lots of someone elses. You can hog, I mean, have this one all to yourself, bwa ha ha haaaa). HSCG has partnered with Volusion to provide members with exclusive discounts on all the services you need to build a custom site and get your online shop up and running.

this could be you after signing up for a new webstore

Build your store through Volusion and get discounts on hosting fees, premium templates, merchant services, and SSL certificates. If you’ve taken the plunge into online commerce but are itching for a completely custom look and feel as well as a slick customer experience, drop what you’re doing (unless it’s breakfast, the most important meal of the day – we don’t want you fainting through this) and take a look at Volusion.


HSCG Member Deal

Store (monthly hosting fee)

25% member discount

SSL (1 year certificate)

20% member discount

Premium Templates

20% member discount

Merchant Services

2.05% member rate

Volusion has lots of different options, with dozens of free templates as well as fancier premium templates and even in-house design services. Likewise, hosting plans range from minimal monthly expenditure to premium plans with all the bells and whistles. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and have one of their ecommerce consultants guide you through the process.

Is an online store the missing link to your success?

If you spaced out at the mention of SSL and get the sweats just navigating the Volusion template options, don’t worry. You still have the option of a free Soap Guild store hosted by The Template Place. These webstores are the easiest and fastest way to establish your online presence, allowing you to open up shop with minimal effort. Read all about how to sign up for Soap Guild stores here.

If you’re salivating, read up on all the Volusion discounts and find out how to get your discounts here.

Your turn – do you sell online? Give us a shout out so we can give you some love!

3 Comments on “There’s a New Store in Town!”

  1. I have to say that I am very, very, very- well pleased with Volusion. I had been shopping around for e-commerce sites and was a toss up between Volusion and Shopify, but once I found out of this partnership, and very generous discount I couldn’t resist, and glad that I did not resist.

    I am most impressed with Volusions Customer Service- Absolutely outstanding! They are so polite, patient and helpful. I went from knowing nothing about building an e-commerce site to building this one, in just a couple of weeks- with the much needed help I got from Volusion.

    I cannot say enough good things about Volusion and I am very happy and thankful for this new partnership between the HCSCG & Volusion- and what a great and very generous discount.

    Thanks again for pointing such a tremendous useful resource our way.

    Kind Regards
    Pure-N-Simple Soap

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