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For Simmons Natural Bodycare, it all started with a classic soapmaking tome: Ann Bramson’s Soap – Making It, Enjoying It. Allergies and sensitivies to the fragrances and colors available commercially drove Dottie Simmons and her husband to make their own. It became gifts, then an easy addition to their craft fair table, eventually launching into a business.


32 years later, Dottie relates, “we still love our soap making. I am the experimenter/perfumer and my husband does the main production now.” True to their initial inspiration, you’ll find products catering to customers with allergies as well as soaps, shaving soap and salves. “While all our soaps are rich and gentle and mild, several are specifically made for those with severe chemical sensitivities or allergies.” You must try the woolies. Dottie explains: “A tie in to our previous hand-spun business “Sheep Thrills”, woolies are natural wool felted around our soap for suds and scrubbie all-in-one!”


Regardless of what you choose, Simmons Natural Bodycare provides body care basics of the highest quality, including certified organic oils as the starting point of their soaps and salves. Something you may not realize, as you lather up with Simmons’ fantastically affordable soap, is just how sustainable their operations are. “Not only is our business part of a self-sustaining rural homestead,” Dottie relates, “it is entirely powered by self-generated alternative energy (solar photovoltaic panels, wind and micro-hydro). We also donate to and Trees for the Future to offset our carbon footprint and are very active in volunteering and donating in our community.”


Simmons Natural Bodycare has been a member of the Guild for 15 years, very nearly from the establishment of the HSCG! What keeps them coming back? “We really appreciate the networking, the product liability insurance and general access to the community of soap makers.” Follow along with their daily adventures on the Simmons Naturals twitter feed and Facebook page, as well as the Simmons Naturals blog.

Thank you, Simmons Natural Bodycare, for your long time support. We hope you keep sudsing on for decades to come!

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