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Quiet, radiant soulfulness emanates from skincare and wellness company Radiant Fettle. You truly get a sense for Radiant Fettle’s heart in talking to owner Kelly Jacobi. Soapmaking is Kelly’s way to honor her mother’s long ago “dabblings in the creation of soaps and other skincare products” and to keep her mother’s spirit alive after her untimely passing. Kelly explains, “I want to keep myself feeling lovely, inside and out. I also want to help other people glow: be it an encouraging word or a wonderful bath experience, I want to help them create lives they love.”


Radiant Fettle products are currently available online. Aside from soaps, you’ll find handmade ceramics and mala in the Radiant Fettle shop. Should you have the opportunity, Kelly recommends the patchouli and sandalwood soap, which includes both colloidal oatmeal and bentonite clay. “Using it is an absolutely brilliant experience!”


We can’t wait to see what this fledging shop introduces next. Follow Radiant Fettle’s journey through their lovely, photographed blog. Find special appearances and product sneak peeks through Radiant Nettle’s Twitter and Facebook pages and get to all of it from their website.


Aside from crafting a product “to create a small, daily paradise and self-healing ritual” for customers, Radiant Nettle loves collaborating with customers. “Please feel free to contact me to let me know what you love,” Kelly says, “especially in regards to your favorite scent combinations and tactile qualities you simply adore.”

Happy 1 year anniversary, Radiant Fettle, and thank you for providing a sneak peek into your inspiration!

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