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As any soapmaker will tell you, soapmaking is a slippery slope. Upon learning how to make soap, you discover that you have raw ingredients to make many, many other cosmetics. And then, of course, it seems like a waste to not put all those amazing oils to good use. Such is the story behind Honestly Simple Soaps. Owner Heather Albrecht took a hot process soapmaking class with her mother in law on a whim, began making batches of soap at home, and quickly delved into making every other product and potion possible with the oils she had on hand. She credits the Vermont Small Business Development Center for helping launch her business and get it off to a running start.


What started with just soap has expanded to cream, body butter, lotion bars, beeswax balm, shaving soap, bath salts and gift sets. The care with which Honestly Simple Soaps products are crafted is apparent. “It’s very important to me to know what is in what I make and why it’s in there,” Heather says. “If I can beautifully scent my products with what nature provides then I feel much better about using them on my children and myself.” Better yet, Honestly Simple Soaps will happily customize your order, so you can get just the scent you like.


Polar vortex got you down? You’ve come to the right shop. “This time of year,” Heather shares, “I can’t go a day without my lotion bar. Even now I’m massaging it into my hands. It’s been sub-freezing temperatures around the Northeast for weeks now and my skin is showing the signs of it. The lotion bar seems to be the only thing working to keep the itchiness at bay!”

Do yourself a favor and pick up the Honestly Simple Soaps Lotion Sampler. It includes the aforementioned lotion bar as well as a cream lotion, shea body butter, and a beeswax lotion balm. Find out which variety you like best (this time of year, it may be all of the above!)


You’ll find Honestly Simple Soaps online (and here) and offline at stores, craft fairs, and farmer’s markets around the Connecticut River Valley. Get an inside look at where they’re vending and what’s going on behind the scenes at Honestly Simple Soaps Facebook page (pssst, there’s a contest running right now for Valentine’s Day!). Check out the product line on Pinterest and keep tabs on the company through the Honestly Simple Soaps twitter account. And of course, get in touch with Honestly Simple Soaps to customize an order.

Thanks, Heather, for sharing Honestly Simple Soaps with us!

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