Rates are going down; we’re yelling TIMBER!

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The HSCG is excited to announce that our rates for general and product liability insurance have been reduced by $20 per year!

This is big, fat, honking news! Alright, so insurance doesn’t sound sexy, but trust us, it is.


Imagine this: You make products. You sell products. Everything’s going great, until that day that someone’s dog reacts negatively to their dog soap…or they slip in the shower after using your amazing solid sugar scrub…or maybe the scent tickles a customer’s nose the wrong way…or maybe they cut themselves after shattering a beautiful glass container of lotion…or your lab catches on fire. Do you have insurance? Can you cover the claim, or lawsuit, or losses? Not to be total Debbie Downers, but be aware that most insurance policies do not include product liability, which leaves you holding the totally liable bag.


We started offering insurance to US members in 2006 (and were proud to add on Canada in 2012, woot woot!) and shopped carefully to find a company that could offer our members simple, hassle-free insurance with both general liability and product liability, along with options for professional liability and increased coverage for members who need it. Our membership has since tripled in size and has allowed us to renegotiate insurance rates. Insurance that used to cost $395 a year is now $375 a year. Along with professional membership and admin fees, this brings the total base cost of professional membership for US members down to $480.

$20 isn’t much, but we couldn’t have done it without member support! And, by the way, it’s certainly enough to get you some serious entries into the legendary HSCG raffle during the 2014 Annual Conference (you are signed up, right? right?!).

Find out more about our insurance here on the website and read more about the types of memberships here.

Members, do you have plans for that extra $20 in your pocket?


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