Dash on Over for Early Bird Savings

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It’s that time. Holiday madness is finally over, corporate taxes are filed (maybe), and cocoa butter and rose fill the air as you ship out Valentine’s Day orders, or maybe just the Valentine’s Day bath you are drawing for yourself during this unusually chilly year. Before you get too deep into that rose petal and lemongrass-induced reverie, make sure you haven’t missed out on Annual Conference discounts.

Heat 3 of the Mens 100m Semi-Final

Luckily, you don’t have to run a 4-minute mile to take advantage of these discounts. Dash on over to the HSCG website and grab your discounted registration to the 2014 Annual Conference. Until Feburary 28, member rates are $509 (non-member rates are $629 and by the way, basic membership more than pays for itself when you factor in all the conference savings).

We are counting down the last 50 or so spots until the conference is totally, completely, irrevocably, oh-my-gosh-I’m-gonna-cry full. Don’t let it happen to you. Check out the full conference schedule here. It’s 3 jam-packed days of classes, demonstrations, networking sessions, eating, and straight-up fun with other makers that only happens once a year. We’re holding the conference at the swanky Loews-Ventana Canyon this year, just outside Tucson, Arizona (doesn’t some heat sound nice right about now? Just imagine those triple digit temperatures. Also: once we’re actually in May and you come to your senses, rest easy knowing that the hotel has excellent air conditioning to keep you a pristine and chilly 67 degrees. Brrrr…oh yeah, it’s gonna be hot, in a very, very cool way.)

P.S., good news if  you’re in the U.S. PayPal offers a 6 month payment plan upon approval of your credit, so you may have the option to spread out those payments.

Less than 3 months – will we see you in Tucson?

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