2014 Conference: The Soapy Trail

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Don’t think that you have to be a seasoned professional to attend HSCG’s annual conferences. They are, in fact, perfect for soapmakers of all skill levels. And since we started as the Soap Guild, you can bet that we have some of the best soapmaking sessions around (not that we brag…much). Today, we’re presenting this year’s HSCG conference speakers who are focusing on the art, craft, and science of soapmaking.

Yes, it’s time for another installment of speaker features, which we know you’ve been eagerly anticipating. What? You’ve missed our mini-series highlighting conference speakers? How dare you! (We jest – we know you were busy having the most incredible holiday season ever, with the most stellar Q4 sales on record, and are perhaps just now coming up for air amidst your incredibly empty shelves.) Indeed, if you’ve had your nose to the grindstone (Whetstone? Soapstone? Nope, just no pun in that one.), catch up with the posts highlighting cosmetic speakers here and business-focused speakers here.

She wrote the book on it, now she’ll teach you all her soapy secrets. Join The Nova Studio and Sirona Springs co-owner Ruth Esteves on a journey to learn all about Testing Natural Colors in Your Cold Process Soap.

Ruth Esteves

Erica Pence, founder and CEO of Bath Alchemy Lab and The Bonnie Bath Co., will show you the lay of the land and all the tricks of the trade to inspire you to Create Amazing Scenery in your Soaps, whether you’re making a melt and pour masterpiece or a cold process piece de resistance (yahoo!).


16th generation soapmaker Kerri Mixon, owner of Pallas Athene Soap and more will not only show you how to create your own transparent soap in Making Transparent Cold/Hot Process Soap, she’ll also teach you how to choose the appropriate scent and color for any product in Comprehensive Color and Scent for Soap and Cosmetics .

Kerri Mixon

Advanced soapmaker and honorary HSCG lifetime member Jackie Thompson is back to share her passion for liquid soap, teaching her best known methods to make a neutral liquid soap in Liquid Soapmaking – Neutralizing Liquid Soap, and, for the experienced soaper, how to create naturally thick liquid soap in Advanced Liquid Soapmaking – Soap Gels and Jellies.

Jackie Thompson-resized

Fall in love with chemistry for the first time or all over again as chemistry professor and soap whisperer Kevin Dunn shares an investigation of just what the heck milks and silks bring to your soap in Protein in Handcrafted Soap.

Kevin Dunn

Charlene Simon, the chronic masterbatcher behind Bathhouse Soapery and more, will show you how to get down with scrubs in Exfoliants in Soap: A “coarse” in using everyday and exotic ingredients to create “a-peeling” soaps.

Charlene Simon-resized

If you’re thinking about coming to conference this year (less than 132 days, you guys!), we have so many things to tell you. First, breathe. Second, act fast as we have fewer than 100 spots remaining (and we don’t want to know what these tickets sell for on the black market). Third, membership scores you a sweet deal, which expires at the end of February. Fourth, members are eligible for a scholarship very generously sponsored by Veracity Insurance Solutions, which you should apply for before the end of the month (because nobody wants to see you cry when you realize you missed the deadline). Fifth, plan your stay at the lovely Loews Ventana Canyon just outside Tucson, Arizona. Finally, it’s never too early to pack your bags – the 2014 Annual Conference runs May 20-22. Bookmark the 2014 Conference page to read more and sign up.

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