Member Spotlight: The Painted Soapery

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In search of a salve for her rosacea, Axia Renta-DeLuca’s desire for total control of her ingredients led her to cold processed soapmaking. “It was very empowering to take matters into my own hands and it was pretty amazing as this worked for me; I haven’t had any flare ups in years – and the bumps are also gone. I am not claiming that by using our soaps you will have the same results but it is part of my routine – soap is just meant to clean!” Axia’s successful control of her roseacea through use of soap led to the founding of southern California-based Elle-ements Soaps and eventually, The Painted Soapery, which Axia now owns.


Because of the owner’s personal struggles with rosacea, The Painted Soapery is extremely passionate about disclosing every ingredient that goes into every product to better inform and empower consumers. While The Painted Soapery currently offers only soap, they look forward to extending the product line to the full range of ‘back to basics’ products.


One of Axia’s current favorites is the Mermaid’s Delight soap. “I love the Mermaid’s Delight soap with swirls of french red clay, kelp and french green clay. It is always such a surprise to cut the logs and see how they turned out.” In addition, “we love the benefits of sea salt and you can find it in our “by the sea” collection.” Find all of The Painted Soapery soaps online, and keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.


Whichever soap you choose, know that half of every bar is made of locally sourced organic olive oil. In addition, The Painted Soapery provides unscented soaps in addition to essential oil-scented soaps, and ardently uses flowers, herbs, spices, and natural ingredients to color and decorate the soap.


Axia says, “You can have a spa day everyday! Try the quality and care that handcrafted products offer with ingredients not usually found on commercial brands. You will be able to tell the difference right away!”

Thank you, Axia, for sharing a bit of The Painted Soapery with us!

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