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Have you gotten with the program? The teacher program, that is.

Ever wonder what that apple is next to a member’s name in the ‘Find a Soapmaker’ listings? Nope, it’s not a signifier that a member has an especially voracious appetite or that they’re the apple of our eyes (couldn’t resist the pun). It’s actually a signifier that the member is part of the HSCG Teacher Program.

That’s right. Professional members of the Guild who teach and have been certified are eligible to participate in the HSCG Teacher Program.

You may be wondering why, as a soapmaking teacher, you would participate in the HSCG teacher program. We came up with a few reasons:

  1. Street cred – Being a member of the HSCG teacher program lets potential students know you’re serious about your soapmaking skills and that you have attained certification.
  2. Free advertising – Teacher members get a listing and a photo in the HSCG Teacher Directory. Teacher members also get to list upcoming classes.
  3. Increased visibility – The public can Find Classes and Find a Soapmaker Teacher from the HSCG site, which helps new students find you (have you googled ‘soapmaking teacher’ lately?).
  4. Special logos – As a teacher member, you receive an HSCG teacher “badge” to use in your marketing.
  5. Golden soap bubble bonuses – Teachers are awesome! So, in return for introducing new soapmakers to the art and science of soap, we have special golden soap bubble bonuses for students you refer to the Guild. (Golden soap bubbles, by the way, can be applied towards the cost of conference, your membership, even goodies in the HSCG store.)
  6. Swag – We’ll provide HSCG goodies for your classroom open houses and anniversary parties.

Log in to read all about the program. The application is simple and you could be reaping the many rewards of being part of the HSCG Teacher Program.

Let students know that you are a step above the rest. You are already certified (ahem, right?!) – sign up for the teacher program and become a teacher member today!

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