Member Spotlight: Elysian Botanicals

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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Elysian Botanicals.


Ceramics and oil paints…they aren’t so far from the clays, oils, and colorants used in soap. Nate Ulmer, owner of Elysian Botanicals, puts his talents to work in all three mediums. Currently attending Central Washington University for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Nate has been making soap for six years. “Soap crafting for me came naturally from my fascination with chemistry, and with learning aromatherapy in massage school.”

Nate is a true creative, and you’ll find a mix of products in his Etsy shop reflecting his varied interest including lip balms, body butters, herbal infused oils, and lotions. “I make soap that tends to be very earthy and natural. My most recent soap batch was a straightforward blend of coconut, palm, sunflower and sweet almond; I scented it lightly with apothecary rose -rosa gallica- and clove, in an effort to create a carnation like scent bouquet. I love and understand the chemistry of what this is. Add to that my love of plants and plant related things. To me this is an adventure, an exploration.”


Should you have the opportunity, try the goats milk and chai tea soap. Aside from the Etsy shop, you’ll find Elysian Botanicals at the Moses Lake Farmers’ Market in Washington on Saturdays from May through October. Elysian Botanicals is just getting started on Pinterest and Facebook. Go say ‘hi’ and follow their progress.

Thanks, Elysian Botanicals, for sharing the inspiration behind your soap adventures with us!

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