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Talking to BC Spirit Soap owner Linda Buffy, you can truly feel the gentle spirit that infuses her soap and body care line. In business for two decades, it was the chance meeting of a gifted bar of castile with the desire to raise funds for a non-profit that set Linda on the path to starting BC Spirit Soap. Linda recalls, “A friend of mine in California gifted me a bar of olive oil soap she had made and I loved it so much she gave me the recipe over the telephone after I had gotten [back to what was then] home in Idaho. I put the idea on the back burner but 3 years later decided to make a batch. After one year of many trials and errors, I finally got the soap just right.” Later on, looking to raise money for a non-profit organization, a jeweler friend invited Linda to share a table at a local market. Little did she know it would grow into the line it is today.


You’ll find BC Spirit Soap at select holiday fairs in the Kootenays as well as at the EcoSociety market in Nelson, British Columbia, in addition to the online store. And yes, aside from solid shampoo bars, tooth soap, body misters, salves, salt and sugar scrubs, creams, perfume, and more, BC Spirit Soap still carries olive oil soap in a variety of natural scents.

Customers rave about BC Spirit Soap’s multifunctional pearly girl creams, one of Linda’s favorite products to make. They’re available in rose, lavender, tangerine, vanilla, peppermint/arnica, and an unscented variety infused with calendula. The rose and lavender are especially lovely, light, non-greasy facial moisturizers in addition to hand and foot cream use.


Asked about her journey into soapmaking, Linda advises, “Follow your passion! I have met so many interesting peoples with my vocation and the feedback makes one so happy when a person tells you how much your product has benefitted them. I have had tears in my eyes when I hear some of their stories about folks using my soap and healing salves, etc and how much it helps them.”

Thank you BC Spirit Soap, for letting us peek behind the scenes!

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