2014 Conference: The Business Track

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Next in our mini-series highlighting conference speakers: the business track. You have your products nailed, but what about all the other stuff? You know, things like running the actual business because most unfortunately (as much as we’d like to whip up a lotion that turns to cash in a modern-day version of alchemy), creating products in the lab doesn’t auto-magically translate into money in your pocket.

Are you coming to our Annual Conference in Tucson next May? For the neophytes out there, HSCG Annual Conferences are three days (3 ½ for you early birds who attend the extra seminars) of learning, networking, special events, opportunities to meet vendors and suppliers in person, and more. Last month, we shared speakers focusing on cosmetic topics. This month, it’s business time. If you need help with any aspect of your business, keep reading and prepare to be seriously enticed.

First up, packaging! It doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Nova Studio teacher Joan McCoy will ease you into the world of caps, closures, containers, and more in Packaging Your Bath and Body Products.

Joan McCoy

Once you’ve put your fabulous product into a package, it helps to know how to price it. Lela Barker, creator and CEO of Bella Lucce and President of Lucky Break Consulting, will help make sure you don’t lose your shirt in Decoding the Mystery: A Practical Guide to Product Pricing.

Lela Barker

You have your package, and price – now you need promotion. If the thought of social media frightens you, learn from Stephenson’s journey as CEO Jamie Bentley shares Why Being a Social Soapmaker is Important.

Jamie Bentley

Running your business goes a whole lot more smoothly when you have great records. In Getting Started With Your Record-Keeping and GMP, 4-time author Marie Gale will help you tiptoe into good manufacturing practices without getting in over your head.

Marie Gale

Trademark and patent attorney Dave Purdue of Purdue Law Offices will make the case for establishing trademarks as you build your business in Trademarks and Branding – Make Your Mark.

Dave Purdue

If you’ve ever felt like it’s balance OR beauty, we think you’ll breathe a sigh of relief after Bramble Berry CEO Anne-Marie Faiola shares her tips on sustainable business growth and taking your business where you want it without going crazy in Art, Science + Money: Finding Balance and Beauty.

Anne-Marie Faiola

Finally, we are excited to introduce Shea Radiance CEO Funlayo Alabi, who will share how her company built brand loyalty through sharing ingredient sourcing stories and how you can, too, in Making Sustainability a Key Part of Your Brand Story.

Funlayo Alabi

Whew, is that enough business advice to keep you busy for the next year?? Sign up now and save your spot before we sell out. In addition, members receive $200 off the full price through the early-early bird discount available until December 2. Find out all about speakers, topics, the venue, competitions, and more through the 2014 Conference page.

While we’re on the topic, what’s the best business tip you’ve ever received?

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