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Do you remember what happened when you used to renew your Guild membership? Perhaps you recall opening your mailbox to find that shiny folder of information with a membership card tucked very officiously in the front pocket waiting for you inside? Birds were chirping, your soap always behaved….okay, perhaps we embellish. Those rose-tinted glasses are addictive.

If you joined in 2011, you may not remember any of that. We moved HSCG headquarters in 2011 from one coast to the other (where it still resides, in Saratoga Springs, New York). While moving massive quantities of paper and getting settled into our new digs, we put the membership card program on hold.

membership card sample

Two years later, we’ve dusted off the card printer and we are proud to announce membership cards are officially back (we know you’ve missed flashing your card at shows). Once again, whether you are joining the HSCG or renewing your HSCG membership, we’ll send out a packet outlining your membership benefits, current vendor members (pssst, many of them offer discounts exclusive to members), referral cards (which you should be using up right now in an effort to get your free ride to #soapconf14), your receipt, and most importantly, your membership card. You can once again say you are a card-carrying member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

Anyone who has renewed since July 1st, the start of our fiscal year, will receive the shiny, new membership card. Headquarters is busily printing out the first 591 cards, to be mailed next week. After this first round of membership card catch-up, we’ll be sending out membership cards weekly. Look for yours in the mail when you join or renew.

Welcome back, membership cards, we’ve missed you!

2 Comments on “Member Card Comeback”

  1. Please explain your comment about possibly getting a free ride to the conference??? Very interested in knowing more.

    Thank you,

    Terry Friedman

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