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Wondering what the question is? We are working on 72 different policies to bring before the membership in our upcoming Annual Meeting, being held onsite during the 2014 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona (and open to every member, whether attending the conference or not).

Gustav Arthur (1902-2000) and Josephine Cooper

The last few years have been busy for the Guild. In 2011, we saw a pressing need for and hired an Executive Director to lead the organization on a full-time basis. Earlier this year, recognizing that many of our soapmaking members also produced, sold ingredients for, or were somehow intimately involved in handcrafted cosmetics, our membership decided to warmly welcome cosmetic crafters into the Guild. With the hiring of an Executive Director and the inclusion of cosmetic handcrafters into our mission, our HSCG policies are due for an overhaul.

Here’s what happening, by the numbers:

16 – new policies
15 – major revisions to old policies
19 – minor revisions to old policies
11 – cosmetic revisions (even less minor than minor) to old policies
11 – old policies that are no longer relevant recommended for deletion
5 – bylaws that require revision
6 – new policies required


After these 72, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the fun’s not over (those astute math-oriented types among you may have noticed this adds up to more than 72). There are still half a dozen policies in the works and various bylaw revisions required to get us up to date.

Expect the 2014 Annual Meeting in Tucson to be brimming with bylaw changes that will need your votes. Of course, anything requiring a member vote will be posted by late March 2014, 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Have a good rest after the holidays and get your critical reading eyes ready!

What ideas do you wish we’d implement to help out cosmetic makers?

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