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How would you like to be joining us in Tucson next year for 3 days straight of talking soap and all the cosmetics you can handle? Three days of classes, food, parties, and hobnobbing with soap-lebrities and industry professionals. Three days of learning from the very best, networking with vendors, testing your skills with certification tests, talking shop non-stop, making hundreds of your Facebook friends your friends in real life, keeping up to date with industry regulations and learning how to help your business break out of the doldrums and have its best year ever. And maybe, just maybe, somewhere in between the 7am breakfast calls and the special events that stretch into the evening, finding some space to kick back at the pool, hit the links, and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets and beautiful grounds at the Loews Ventana Canyon, our own little soapy, spa-like bubble in the desert.

Loews Ventana Canyon

Sound intriguing? Attendees agree. We have sold out registrations every year for the past few years and we are well on our way to selling out for 2014. (Don’t be that person….sitting at home crying into your soap pot as you label product in the dark, mourning the radio silence of your cosmetic maker friends because they are all at the Conference and you missed the sign-up boat.)

How would you like it if we saved you a spot at the 2014 Conference? (Umm, heck YEAH!)

How would you like if we paid for your registration? (But I already PAID my way, you say. Hey, we hear you. No worries. If you’ve watched conference after conference sell out and had the imminent foresight to book this one post-haste, scoring both the best deal and a guaranteed spot for yourself, we will reimburse you if you win this contest. Hakuna matata, my friend.)

Ready? We’re going to tell you how to get a chance to win your way into HSCG’s 2014 Annual Conference.

raffle tickets

Mark your calendars (and your addictive little handheld non-stop entertainment delivery devices formerly known as phones) for September 15. This contest runs from September 15 to 5pm EST on November 1.

During this time, refer new members to the HSCG to have your name entered in the drawing for the free registration to the 2014 Annual Conference in Tucson (a $469 value!). But wait, let us sweeten the pot:

–        Receive 1 entry for EVERY new Associate, Professional or Tier 3 Vendor Member.

–        Receive 2 entries for EVERY new Tier 2 Vendor Member.

–        Receive 3 entries for EVERY new Tier 1 Vendor Member.

Rules! You know there can’t be a contest without rules. Cue your best car commercial announcer voice and see if you can repeat these rules in 15 seconds flat:

–        New members must join between September 15 and 5 p.m. EST November 1, 2013, and must list your name as referring them to the HSCG.

–        New members are those who have never been a member of the HSCG (or the organization formerly known as HSMG – no sneaking in on Prince rules!) or those whose membership has been expired for 90 days or more at the time they rejoin.

–        Winning name will be drawn at random and announced on or before November 15.

–        Winning ticket is non-transferable.

–        Blackmail and heckling are not allowed (okay, that one was just for giggles).

Questions? Let us know. And to all participants, good night, and good luck! We hope to see you in 251 days in Tucson.

4 Comments on “Win Your Way to Tucson!”

    1. hi, Kizzie, The contest is for current members. If you sign up and then refer a member, you’d absolutely be in the drawing.

  1. Unfortunately I do not know any soap makers or vendors who are not already members at this time 🙁 Are there any other ways to enter?

    1. hi, Dottie,

      Bummer! Not for this contest. You may have to put your head together with other soapmakers to see if you can come up with some non-members to chat up.

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