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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Soap of the South.

What strikes you when visiting Soap of the South is the sheer variety of soaps. Soaps featuring honey, oatmeal, loofah, shea butter and every milk from buttermilk to goat’s milk in fanciful colors and scents abound. Beyond the soaps, patient explorers discover scrubs, balms, lotions, milk baths, and more.

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While perusing the goods, you must try the Butt Naked Soap and the men’s shaving soaps. “Our men’s shaving soaps are unbelievable,” Anna says. They produce “lots of lather, smell great and they feel great!”


The inspiration for Soap of the South came from owner Anna Masters’ dry skin and a friendly suggestion to try making soap. Anna says, “I have always enjoyed making handcrafted items so I fell in love with soap making. It is a bit of an art form. I love working with curls, swirls and embeds to create a unique soap that people will be intrigued by and it is good for the skin. I love creating new designs. I enjoy the opportunity to provide customers with a quality product that they can enjoy. Our customers are wonderful so they deserve it!”


Anna has a real passion for creating Soap of the South’s signature soap loaves. “I love to be creative,” says Anna, “and I find that I can be most creative with our wholesale loaves.”


In business eight years now, you’ll find Soap of the South all over the web. Visit Soap of the South’s wholesale site to purchase entire loaves of soaps, visit the retail shop for single slices of soap in addition to loaves, and visit the etsy shop to check out the latest bath and body products. Keep an eye on the newest product offerings from Soap of the South’s Facebook page and say hello to Anna out on Soap of the South’s twitter feed.

Thank you, Anna, for giving us a behind the scenes glimpse of Soap of the South!

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