Hot Off the Press: New Brochures!

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If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, it’s time to break out you may not have heard of our ‘Why Handcrafted Soap?’ brochure. These wildly popular brochures explain just why consumers want to spoil themselves rotten with a bar of handcrafted soap.


When HSMG members voted to welcome cosmetic makers with open arms and the HSMG became the HSCG, we found it was time to update all of our media (and yes, pardon our dust and/or cobwebs as the website updates slowly proceed – the hamster is turning the wheel as fast as we can entice him to go), including the ‘Why Handcrafted Soap?’ brochure. We’re suckers for great soap pictures, so while updating the brochure, we took the opportunity to solicit brand new pictures from members to feature throughout the brochure as well. And boy, did members ever deliver!

After a long wait and much sweating over photo selection (where’s that handcrafted deodorant when you need it?), we have just received 30,000 copies of the newly revised “Why Handcrafted Soap” brochure here at HSCG headquarters and will begin shipping them THIS week. If you’ve been greedily hoarding your last remaining copies of the old ‘Why Handcrafted Soap?’ brochure, the new ones are available for purchase now at the HSCG Store and are available for immediate download in the member section.Jennifer's-handmade-soap

Thank you to all the members who submitted photos for the new brochure. You made it incredibly hard to choose (we may or may not have had to draw names out of a hat to select who made it into the final brochure…just saying). Inside the new brochure, you’ll find pictures from members Kate Johnson of Mamoucha Soaps, Pamela Saldutti of P.S. I Love Soap Co., Joanna Couch of Together Farms, Erica Pence of The Bonnie Bath Co., Jasminka Weed of Soap with Soul, Pamela Leis of bytheSEAsoap, Jamie Sabot of Batty’s Bath, Faith Oriold of Alaiyna B. Bath and Body, Ruth Esteves of Sirona Springs and The Nova Studio, Jennifer Hofmann of Jennifer’s Handmade Soap, and Julie Koenig of Kreative Kraftwerks. Thank you for making us all drool over your fantastic soapy concoctions!

Do you use the brochures and what’s your favorite response for “why handcrafted?!”

3 Comments on “Hot Off the Press: New Brochures!”

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