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If we didn’t have the pleasure of your attendance at this year’s conference and if you weren’t glued to your Facebook feed, you may have missed the news! (If you’re on a reader, click here.)

Late last year, the HSCG was approached by PTV-In Focus Studios to create a short documentary about handcrafted soap and soapmaking for public television. We leapt at the chance to spread the word about handcrafted soap. From the moment of our acceptance, it was off to races to write a script, secure talent, and shoot the actual footage!

Remember when we mysteriously requested soap? Yup, it was for this documentary. We received hundreds of bars from members and sent as many as we could to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for use in the video. With soap, supplies, script and our on-air talent on-hand, we spent about a day filming. From there, the production studio edited the footage and assembled the final video.

The segment, called “In Focus – with Martin Sheen”, has aired on Fox Business Network and PBS nationally and will run several hundred times this year. You can view the video on our home page and right here. Feel free to share this with customers and spread the word about handcrafted soap.

Many thanks to our members, who donated soap for this video, supplies for demonstrations, and their time in filming. Thank you especially to Wholesale Supplies Plus and Bramble Berry, for donations of soapmaking supplies…and thanks to Marla Bosworth and Kevin Dunn, who you will see onscreen, for contributing your expertise and time to the project! Check out all the members who donated soap here.

Did you catch our documentary? What should we cover next?

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