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Welcome to Feature Friday. Today, meet Incredible Soaps.

“Euphoria is just a wash away, try our soap today.” If it’s not Incredible Soaps’ tagline, it should be. Creator Lorrie Marling started making soap with her sister several years ago as an effort to combat her skin sensitivies. She enjoyed the feel and how gently handcrafted soaps treated her skin and her soapmaking quickly blossomed into Incredible Soaps.

incredible soaps line up

Based out of Janesville, Wisconsin, Incredible Soaps features glycerin soaps and liquid castile soap. Says creator Lorrie, “They are smooth and luxurious, containing no sodium lauryl sulfate.” If you’ve never tried Incredible Soaps, you must try the loofah soap. Available in a variety of scents and colors, the loofah soaps feature a clear soap base with a loofah sponge suspended inside. These are great natural exfoliating soaps with fantastic scents to match.

incredible soaps cranberry soap

Find Incredible Soaps locally at select shows throughout the year, the Rock County Farmers Market in Janesville, at several retail locations, and online.

Keep up with Incredible Soaps’ latest news and creations on their Facebook page and try Incredible Soaps for a refreshing move away from commercial soaps.

Thank you, Lorrie, for giving us a sneak peek at Incredible Soaps!

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