Conference Highlights: Twitter Away, Social Media Superstars

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Social butterfly always has another meaning at Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG) conferences. If you didn’t make one of the coveted spots at this year’s conference, hopefully you followed along with the flurry of tweets, pictures, and Facebook updates. We’ll be bringing a round-up of conference posts, but today, we’re recapping the tweeters who twittered fast and furiously throughout the conference.

The updates this year were stellar. Witness just a few:

And now, on to the awards. Charlene Simon from Bath House Soapery took home the prize for best picture this year for her soap men:

Sindy Anderson from Sinfully Sweet Soap won best tweet with this gem:

Sindy missed the awards dinner, but a shocked Charlene was on hand to receive her award (hey, these awards are life-changing, folks).

shocked best picture winner

Congrats to our winners and thank you to everybody who shared, commented, and uploaded incriminating evidence photos during #soapconf13; you made it a great conference!

Whether pinterest, vine, facebook, linkedin, or twitter, who should we be following for their fabulous status updates?

4 Comments on “Conference Highlights: Twitter Away, Social Media Superstars”

    1. We missed you, too, but you had a pretty good excuse. 😉 Can’t wait to see you in Tucson!

  1. Sorry I missed the dinner~ I was SO sick~ I had to leave ! I unfortunately spent most of the Conference in bed at the Hilton~;o( But was glad to at least win the Best Tweet~! See even SICK, I STILL got it~! LOL~
    Thanks again, It was a great conference this year.


    1. Oh no, we had no idea you were sick as a dog. Not the ideal way to experience conference. O.o Next year!!

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