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Hold the phones – did you catch our benefit announcements for US HSCG members last month? In case your spring passed in a flurry of activity (not the least of which may have been the 16th Annual Conference in Raleigh!), let us refresh your memory on the latest and greatest benefits for members:

U.S. Troops Surrounded by Holiday Mail During WWII

If you ship oodles and oodles, you can now save on your shipping costs with discounts from UPS. Even better, you can link your current UPS account to this new discount or open and sign up for a new account through the program. Discounts apply on everything from residential ground shipments to shipments to Canada and even next day air. Save even more as you ship more, up to 32% off normal prices (sweet!). You ship product every day – while not let the company that loves logistics worry about your shipping? Sign up is super easy. Visit the UPS discounts page in the Member Area to find out more, sign up and save.

And what leads to those shipments? Why, sales, of course. You already know that accepting credit cards is critical to getting those sales; if you are shopping around for merchant services, check out ProPay. With a ProPay system, you can accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. Along with free device that turns your smartphone into a credit card reader, ProPay offers shopping cart integration for your website, and a debit card that allows you to spend funds directly from your ProPay account. And when you need help, ProPay has real, live US-based customer service. Sign up today and start processing credit cards for as little as 2.19%. Check out the ProPay merchant services page in the Member Area for all the details and to start your merchant services account.

Do you have a favorite member benefit? Or ideas for more? Let us know in the comments!

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