Conference Highlights: Newly Minted Soapers

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Board secretary and Certification Chair Barb De Los Santos was very busy at this year’s conference in Raleigh certifying the latest batch of soapmakers. While proctored and group exams offer opportunities to be certified throughout the year, Annual Conferences are still the most popular method (and anybody who can ace the test after typical conference-induced sleep deprivation has truly earned it!).

Gold star

At this year’s Awards Dinner, we took a moment to celebrate the newest soapmakers joining the certified ranks:

Basic Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers  Basic Melt & Pour Soapmakers 
Mary Allen Angela Babin
Edna Billesberger Marla Bosworth
Michael Bosch Sharon Czekala
Marla Bosworth Holly Erickson
Al Bruns YuLi  Guo
Elizabeth Burns Jessica Molina
Sharon Czekala Dorothy Smith
Tarrin Davis
Juli Denike
Carrie Durkins Advanced Cold Process/Hot Process Soapmakers
Janis Emery Sharon Czekala
Bonnie Garrity Ruth Esteves
Becky Gentile Becky Gentile
Marcia Hagwood Marcia Hagwood
Jennifer Hofmann LiChing Liu
Bonnie Howard Natalie Moore
Carol Jones-Rodgers Naomi Murray
LiChing Liu Marilyn Schendel
Sheri Marshall Annie Shek
Helene Matteson
Anna Mckee
Natalie Moore Advanced Melt & Pour Soapmakers
Patricia Pike Sharon Czekala
Deborah Policichio
Carrie Seibert
Annie Shek

Three cheers to these amazing soapers (when will we award our first soapy PhD? More important, will it be you?).

Did you know certified soapmakers get a gold star in company listings? And are featured in listings to consumers? (Yeah, baby!) Find out all about the soapmaker certification process and how to get your very own gold star.

Congrats again to the 34 soapmakers who earned 43 certifications across 4 testing areas at the 2013 HSCG conference in Raleigh!

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