Vendor Spotlight: The Lebermuth Company

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The Lebermuth Company has been part of the HSMG for over a decade and in business for over ten decades.  Lebermuth, which stocks a wide array of both fragrant and essential oils, is based in Mishawaka, Indiana, an area in the midwestern US commonly referred to as Michiana.  Current President Rob Brown’s great grandfather started the company while trading produce from his family farm, switching his focus from produce to peppermint essential oils after being introduced to it by another trader.

Lebermuth has come a long way from those humble beginnings trading peppermint oil, distilling a total of approximately 200,000 pounds of essential oils last year.  While mint essential oils are still, ahem, essential to the company, orange essential oils make up a significant portion of what they distill today.

Recently, we caught up with Lebermuth to get the scoop on scent trends.  Lebermuth shared that their most popular essential oils for soaps in 2012 were eucalyptus 80/85, tea tree, and lemongrass.  In the fragrance realm, lighthearted gourmand scents stole the show, with mango madness, bubblegum, and vanilla cream taking top honors.

What does the future bring?  Industry-wide, we have a lot to look forward to in 2013. Says Marketing Director Tiffany Smith, “The fragrance world will take a cue from the past with a twist.”  Look for very modern florals featuring rose, jasmine, and peony mixed with more exotic scents.  Citrus and woody notes will be key features in masculine fragrances and “finally, destination and city scents are becoming very trendy”.

If you’re looking for some color inspiration to go with those fragrances, Lebermuth has ideas for you there, too!  Expect to see colors ranging from nudes to hot pink for feminine fragrances, while blues, blacks, greens, reds, oranges, and white or translucent colors will grace masculine fragrances.  (Are you seeing some killer layering ideas here?)  Finally, pair destination scents with “night time themes such as seductive purples and intense reds.”

Get some help distilling those ideas into a singular soapy vision over at Lebermuth’s Facebook page, which, shares Tiffany, “has become exceedingly popular this year.  We have loved getting to know our customers and friends through this great social media outlet.  Look for more great industry education, product information and fun from the Lebermuth staff on Facebook in 2013!”

Thank you to the Lebermuth team for sharing your insights.  We can’t wait to see what innovative combinations soapmakers devise this year!

Your turn: What’s in your forecast for this year?  Are you trying out new scents in your 2013 line?

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