Grow America: Compete for Cash

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If you’re a US-based maker over the age of 18 (sorry to our international and teen members!) with a fantastic idea, check out Grow America’s latest competition, which opened this week.  With a few simple clicks, you could be in the running for their top prize of $20,000, to be awarded by the end of February.

Grow America is a one year old business with an intriguing mission – create jobs in the US by helping thousands of entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.  Member Tami Thornton, owner of Beehive Soap and Body Care, had the opportunity to participate in a pilot competition last spring in Utah.

Despite the disadvantage of being in a very mature, crowded market segment, Tami made it into the final round of 100 competitors chosen after three rounds of competition. “Participating was a great opportunity,” says Tami, “forcing me to re-work my business plan, create a short video, and pitch my business live in two minutes to a group of judges and investors.”

This time around, the competition is even more streamlined, requiring product pictures, samples, and a video.  Read about the details here and prepare to rally your supporters to vote for your entry.

Even if you don’t enter the competition, check out the free business resources available on the Grow America site:

If you enter, let us know so we can support you.  Go, soapmakers, go!

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