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We’re deep in the winter craft fair season, which begs the question: have you ever paid a fee for a craft fair or boutique show only to find out as the show drags on that it was not a good fit for your soap business?  Even worse, you’ve wasted a lot of time and energy in the process of finding, applying, and preparing for the show.  Don’t let this be you!  Your time, energy and cash are all in limited supply.

One benefit of being a member of the HSMG is the great discount available from Craftmaster News (serving states from North Dakota to Texas and westward) and the Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages (serving the eastern half of the US from Minnesota to Louisiana and eastward)!  When you sign up (at a discount) you can locate events in your area – and read up on all the details so you can make the best decisions on which events to attend.

All kinds of events are listed including craft shows, street fairs, festivals, county and state fairs, holiday gift fairs and farmers’ markets.  There is even a referral program which can add three months of free online access to your existing Craftmaster News account.

See more details, including the discount code, here.

2 Comments on “Master the Fair”

  1. Would love to find out more about membership. I am a soaper, lotion, lip balm and other homemade bath product person. Just starting my business in Colorado.


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