I Challenge You to a Donating Duel!

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Calling all soapers!  Have you heard?  We’re having a Holiday of Hope Soap Drive.  We know that you are already giving soap in your communities, to causes ranging from local food banks to canine rescue.

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Thank you to everyone who’s shared their donations via twitter and the facebook page.  We want to take it a step further and celebrate your good deeds publicly.  Give locally and let us know.  We’ll publicize your chosen charity to consumers searching for soapmakers.  Even better, challenge a fellow soapmaking friend to a donor duel and score a few golden soap bubbles (good for merchandise in the HSMG store).   Log in and go to the Holiday of Hope page to get all the details.

Shine on, members and have a great holiday!

Where was the last place you donated soap?

7 Comments on “I Challenge You to a Donating Duel!”

  1. We donated soap to three charities this December: Hurricane Sandy victims, a local family sending soap and other toiletries to an outreach in Guatemala, and a charity in Virginia for low-income youth to pick out gifts for their families (lots of soap and body creams).

  2. We donate soap to various holiday baskets via our clinic & community center which are given out to those in need locally, also to the county food bank. Non- soap donations include a percentage of sales to Heifer International and, additionally, we plat a tree through ‘Trees for the Future’ for every 12 soaps sold. Every little bit helps.

  3. Woo, Dottie and Marla, love what you’re doing and the creative twists on giving you’ve implemented.

  4. We donate to our local food pantry at church: homemade bar soaps and laundry soaps. We also make and donate cake mixes, brownie mixes etc, for the pantry.

  5. We donated lots and lots of soap to hurricane Sandy, the county Mission, churches and to fundraisers! Can’t wait to do more next year.

  6. As a general rule, Southland Soap donates 10% of our gross income-not net or profits. As a company I feel helping others is my primary purpose for being so not only do I do the best I can as far as product invention and sales, but also donate heavily as far as shampoo bars and cash.

  7. Since our inception in 2001, we have donated 10% of our net income to Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation, a local organization that helps uninsured individuals & their families during their battles with cancer. We also donate 300 bars of soap to our local food bank – Vaughan Community Services – at Thanksgiving each year and over $2000 in product donations to 15 local not-for-profits for fundraisers.

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