Even MORE 2013 Conference Speakers

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Last month, we introduced some of the speakers who will be joining us in Raleigh next May for the 2013 annual conference.

Let us tempt you with a few more of the 2013 conference speakers and their topics:

From organic to gluten-free and everything in between, Gay Timmons of Oh Oh Organic will help you make the right certification choice in Organic Certification: To What Standard and Why?

Explore what it really takes to open up a brick and mortar location with Elissa and Jerell Klaver of Salus in Retail Realities: What it Really Takes to Open a Store.

Bryan Baer of Kalka & Baer will show you how to distinguish and protect your brand in Trademark Strategies for Small Businesses.

Learn everything from the tried and true to new and novel approaches to liquid soap in author and lifetime honorary HSMG member Jackie Thompson’s special half-day seminar Liquid Soap Making Solutions: An Intensive, Hands-On Liquid Soapmaking Workshop, a pre-cursor to her book release!

Marie Gale, author and HSMG webmaster, will show you how to be easy to find in Search Engine Optimization:Tips and Tricks to Get Your Website Found. Marie will also be leading a special half-day seminar the day before the conference officially starts on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): How to Get Your GMP in Place.

Discover how commercial melt and pour soap is really made, and other secrets, in Debbie May of Wholesale Supplies Plus’ session Debunking the Mystery of MP Soap. Debbie will also be teaching you how to formulate safely, smartly and with GMP in Creams, Lotions, and Emulsions.

Find out all of the conference detail, including the latest conference schedule, hotel information, and even how to enter your soaps into our soapers showcase competition, from our 2013 conference home page.

Don’t wait to sign up!  Our installment plan and early-early bird pricing expire at the end of November, a mere 2 weeks from today.

184 days and counting…we’ll see you at the 2013 annual conference!

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