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We are so excited to bring you a new, improved Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild website.  Watch the video below to learn more about the special requests feature and how to set up a brick and mortar location (whether temporary or permanent).

If you have Windows Media Player, here’s a larger, higher quality version of the video recording: HSMG new feature tour in .wmv

Have you been to the new site?  What would you like to see?

5 Comments on “ New Features!”

  1. Hi, Kathleen, the member forum is going away, but we hope to see you out on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and right here at the blog. Of course, feel free to email or call if you need us.

  2. Why did the Forum go away? There was a lot of very useful information that I used for reference. Can you just post it and make it so no one can post anything new? Why didn’t the Members get an Email about this? I am very upset about this! Would have thought we’d get some warning!!!

    1. hi, Lauri, the forum traffic just didn’t justify the expense of maintaining it. Members are overwhelmingly touching base with us and with each other out on facebook, linkedin, and twitter. We hope to see you here and the other new forums more often. All these fantastic social media networks that we have access to now, from facebook to twitter, are so much more powerful – it was finally time to retire the old forum.

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