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Have you ever heard of HSMG’s Golden Soap bubbles?  No, this is neither the latest soapmaking technique nor a batch gone horribly wrong, but the Guild’s referral program.

Simply put, if you refer a soapmaker who becomes a member of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, you’ll receive Golden Soap Bubbles.  And what, you may ask, do you do with Golden Soap Bubbles?  You can save them up and brag about how many you have or you can redeem them in the HSMG store for discounts on merchandise, gear, and even conference registration.

Soap bubble

Photo by Flickr member dorena-wm. Used under a Creative Commons License.

For all the details on how the Golden Soap Bubbles work, check out the Referral Program page.

For a limited time, HSMG is offering double Golden Soap Bubbles.  Between now and September 15, every member who joins within 60 days of your referral will garner you ten Golden Soap Bubbles instead of five.

This offer applies to both soapmaker members and vendor members.  We think you’ll know a potential soapmaker member when you see him or her, but knowing a good vendor member is not as straight forward.  Talk to your favorite supplier about membership.  Vendor members could be general soapmaking suppliers or specialize in packaging, printing, social media, marketing, branding, business software, shipping, and just about anything related to making your soapmaking business a success.

Remember, you have a month from today to take advantage of double bubbles.  Log into your Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild account and follow the link to the Referral Program page to get started.

Who was instrumental in you joining the HSMG?  We’d love to hear your story.

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