Espresso Yourself

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Coffee has a venerable history in the soapmaking world.  In another edition of nearly wordless Wednesday, we’re bringing you some of our members’ coffee-inspired soaps.  Settle in with a cup of joe (or your favorite non-coffee beverage) and check out these beauties:

Customers love Green Cow Studio’s kitchen soap so much, they introduced Bar o’ Joe, a coffee and sea salt scrub bar:

Blue Orchid Body Care makes a Hazelnut Macchiato Coconut Milk Soap infused with finely ground coffee beans:

P.S. I Love Soap Co. offers a mocha-scented kitchen coffee soap that comes fully loaded with coffee, cream, sugar, and coffee grinds:

Heaven Scent Beauty recently introduced a Kitchen Koffee Soap with triple strength coffee topped with a sprinkling of grounds:

Java Lava, from Stella Marie Soap Company, uses cocoa powder and locally roasted coffee beans:

Eddie & Eva makes a hard working Coffee Scrub soap that cuts grease and gnarly onion and garlic odors:

Thanks to our members for sharing these stimulating soaps.  I’m feeling perky already.  Do you make a coffee-inspired soap?

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  1. Melissa, I buy my oils and stuff online some of those inlcude Majestic Mountain Sage, Bramble Berry, From Nature with Love, Mountain Rose Herbs and Wholesale Supplies Plus. I bought the silicone molds through WSP. I can’t remember off hand where I bought the wood mold, but there are so many resources online. If you want to try your hand at soap, use pringle cans or milk cartons for your molds to start. Oh, lye can be purchased at your local Ace Hardware but make sure it’s 100% lye. I bought my first batch online from Bramble Berry, but now pick it up at Ace. It’s a lot of fun. Also, join some of the yahoo soaper groups to learn from some of the oldtimers. Thanks for dropping by. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment.

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